Images of Egypt

Here you will find thousands of stock photos, vectors, plus images of Egypt. Egypt is a large country located in the north Africa. It is the world’s 30th largest country and the 15th most populous country in the world. This country has been inhabited continuously since 10th BC; making it one of the countries with the longest history. It is especially famous for its pyramids, beautiful and hospitable people, a rich culture and great attractions.

A wide selection of pictures showing Egypt’s ancient history and numerous attractions are found here. These include pictures of the famous Egyptian pyramids, historical buildings with medieval architectural treasures, monuments, museums, ancient ruins, and artifacts. Pictures of Egypt’s religious sites such as mosques, temples and tombs are also available. Stock photos of Egypt’s nature, wildlife, rivers, canals and beautiful cities can also be found here, among many others. All the Egypt pictures you will find here are royalty-free.

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