Images of Agra

India is for sure an interesting country. Colorful, diverse and maybe even a slight chaotic. That is an impression for many Europeans and Americans, what is less of surprise when taking in consideration that Bollywood is also popular outside of India and it transmits a fairly romantic and positive image where love knows no boundaries and everyone seems to be happy all the time. India has a huge gab between the poor and the rich ones and is still facing inequalities based on the caste system. The caste system is part of Hinduism, which is an integral part of many Indians, so that it is hard to achieve a change.

But even though many people live on the streets, the life in India is not always negative. People are often still very happy and enjoy the vibrating big cities like Mumbai or New Delhi or Agra together with its iconic monument the Taj Mahal. Click through our gallery and learn to understand India better!

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