Images of Denmark

Denmark, the world's happiest country! If you have ever been to Denmark, then you will understand why Danes are so happy. A very good education, health care, and retirement system as well as a low crime rate and the general belief of equality and tolerance of different point of views, make Denmark a pleasant place to study, work and live. The Danish pride can be easily recognized thanks to their extensive usage of their flag "Daneborg". On public holiday or special events you may see the flag everywhere, it does not matter whether you are in Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense Copenhagen, Skagen or somewhere else.

But once you are in Copenhagen, do not only take a look at the Danish flag, but also discover the beautiful and unique architecture of Amalienborg or Rosenborg as well as the wonderful city hall. Here at, you do not have to be a king or queen to be treated as a royal. Take a look at our gallery right and see beautiful images, as beautiful as the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen!

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