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Purchasing images

Can I buy just 1 image, vector or video?

Yes, you can buy just 1 image, vector or video, but the more you buy the cheaper they get. For our current prices, please see our Plans and Pricing.

I need more than 1 image. What deals do you offer?

You can choose from the following options:
  • Single downloads: up to 150 downloads can be purchased at a time and there is no limitation on when you can use them
  • 10+ Plan: 10 downloads per month
  • 50+ Plan: 50 downloads per month
  • 150+ Plan: 150 downloads per month

For our current prices, please see our Plans and Pricing.
If you are from a large corporation, please contact us for a tailored solution.

Can I get an extended license?

You don’t need an extended license for Colourbox images, vectors and videos. We have only one license that covers all use, online and in print.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment from PayPal and the following credit cards: Dankort/Visa-Dankort, Diners Club, Visa, Visa-Electron, Master Card, Maestro, and American Express. Invoice billing is also available, at an additional €10 charge per invoice for clients in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Germany. We can invoice by EAN. You are welcome to contact us for more information by calling (+45) 70 20 33 15 or emailing info@colourbox.com.

The system does not accept my credit card - what is wrong?

Please be patient. Sometimes it takes a little while for the payment system to respond. If the payment doesn’t go through and you receive an error message, please check that you have sufficient funds on your card, that it has not expired, and that your credit card company has not blocked you from purchasing from abroad (Colourbox is located in Denmark).

If you continue having problems, please try another credit card or contact us.

I am making a purchase for my company, which is located in the EU. Where do I enter the VAT number to avoid paying tax?

During the Checkout process, enter a company name and the VAT field will appear. Colourbox imposes Danish VAT for all sales to private persons or non-VAT registered businesses in other EU countries.

If a valid VAT number is entered at checkout, we do not impose Danish VAT on sales to other VAT-registered businesses in other EU countries. Without a valid VAT number, it is assummed that the purchase is being made by a private person or a non-VAT-registered business.

Do invoiced clients abroad pay VAT to Colourbox?

Colourbox.com will invoice only net amounts to invoice recipients abroad. VAT, if applicable, is to be paid by the invoice recipient abroad (Reverse Charge within the EU).

How do I print a receipt or invoice?

If you are a Super User you can download a PDF receipt or invoice if you log in and go to Billing history.

Is it possible to buy an image, vector or video outright if I don’t want anyone else to use the same image in my country / anywhere?

No, this is not possible.

Can I save the content of my cart if I want to download it later?

If you allow cookies on your computer, the contents of your cart are saved for 30 days.

Usage rights

How can I use the images, vectors and videos?

You can use the images, vectors and videos worldwide, online and in print, in your own projects or in work you create for others. You can use the images, vectors and videos for almost anything except selling, licensing, lending or otherwise transferring the files to a third party for their own use - this includes using the images, vectors and videos in online templates of any kind and other online services which allow other users any usage of the images, vectors and videos in any manner.

How long can I keep using the images, vectors and videos?

All images, vectors and videos may be used in unaltered and in new contexts for a period of up to 3 years, either after a subscription plan has been terminated or after the first unique download in the case of single download purchases. Images, vectors and videos that have been used within that period may continue to be used in an unaltered manner or context with no time limitation.

This means that you don’t have to delete an image from an online article, you don't have to stop using your company brochures after the three years, as long as the context in which the image is used remains unaltered.

Downloads made with an Unlimited license may only be used in new contexts for 30 days after the subscription has terminated. There is no time limitation on images, vectors and videos used in unaltered contexts.

Can I print your images and vectors on products for resale such as T-shirts?

Yes, you can print images or vectors on products for resale, e.g. T-shirts, album or book covers, cups, etc.

Can I use Colourbox images, vectors and videos on Facebook?

Yes, you may use images, vectors and videos on Facebook and other social media sites if you otherwise follow our Licensing Conditions.

Can I use an image, vector or video in an app?

Yes, you may use an image, vector or video in an app and other software you create if it is used for example as an icon or button. You may not use the material in digital products if a third party can get access to the original file and use it for their own purposes.

Can I use an image or vector for a logo?

No, you may not use an image or vector to create a logo, a trademark or similar company characteristics.
However, if you wish to use an image or vector from Colourbox for any of the above mentioned purposes, you may contact us here. We will put you in contact with the supplier of that image or vector.
You may then make a deal with the supplier directly to acquire the copyrights for that image or vector.
Note: You should remember to make an agreement about whether the file should still be available for other Colourbox customers to download.
When contacting us regarding a logo please add the following information:
  • The Image/vector ID
  • A short description of how you would like to use the content

What does royalty-free mean?

All images, vectors and videos on Colourbox are royalty-free. This means that you have the right to use an image after paying one fee either through a single download purchase or through a subscription plan. You don’t have to worry about paying any other fees for the image.

Royalty-free material can be used by many people and for many different purposes and is therefore much more affordable than organizing your own photo shoot.

What is the difference between stock and editorial images, vectors and videos?

Colourbox stock images, vectors and videos may be used for commercial and advertising purposes, and they can be cropped and edited.

Colourbox editorial images, vectors and videos may only to be used to illustrate newsworthy events or public interest events such as sports and entertainment. They may NOT to be used in any type of commercial, promotional or marketing context whatsoever. No cropping or manipulation is allowed.

Our company is based in one country but we operate globally. Can we use marketing materials we have produced in my country abroad?

Yes, you can publish your material worldwide both online and in print.

Can I use the stock images, vectors and videos worldwide?

Yes, you can use the stock images, vectors and videos worldwide.

When do I need to credit the images, vectors or videos?

If you use stock images, vectors or videos in a commercial context you don’t need to credit them. However, if images, vectors and videos – editorial and stock - are used in an editorial manner, i.e. in a news-related context, please comply with the following accreditation guidelines:

Off-line/print: The credit “Photo: Colourbox.com” must be placed below or near the image or vector. If there is a person in the image, the credit should be: "Model photo: Colourbox.com".

Online: Where applicable the Licensee shall provide a link to www.colourbox.com or provide the following credit “Photo: Colourbox.com” / “Video: Colourbox.com” below the image, vector or video if possible, or on the same webpage as the main article they are used to illustrate. If there is a person in the image or video, the credit should be: "Model photo: Colourbox.com" / “Video: Colourbox.com”.

Favorites and Collections

What are Favorites?

In Favorites you can store images, vectors or videos and organize them in collections until you decide to download them. Adding an image to a collection in your Favorites doesn’t count as a download. It’s just a convenient way of keeping your images organized. If you choose to download a collection, each individual image in the collection will count as a download.

How many images can I fit into a collection?

There is no limit to the number of images, vectors, and videos you can add to a collection. If you download a collection larger than 2 GB, you will get your files as a zip64 file. You might not be able to extract this file on a Mac OS X. If you experience this problem, you can download the program Winzip to retrieve your download.

How do I download a collection?

Open the collection and then click on “Download”. When you download a collection, each image in the collection will count as a download.

How do I make a collection and add files to it?

You can create a new collection in two ways. Either go to Favorites and click on the large + button, or click on the + button in the “Add to Favorites” dropdown on an image preview page, a search result page or a supplier profile page. If you use the “Add to Favorites” dropdown, you can choose to add the image to multiple collections.

How do I share a collection?

You can share your collections with other users on your account. Open the collection you want to share and then click the “Share” button. Type the name or email address of the users from your account that you want to share with.

For people who don’t have a Colourbox account or for users with a different Colourbox account than yours, you can send them the public URL. They will be able to see thumbnail versions of the collection contents.

How long do the files stay in my Favorites?

They remain in your Favorites until you delete them or until you cancel your user account.

How do I delete a collection?

Open the collection you wish to delete, hover over the collection name and then click on the trash can icon. If you delete a collection you have shared with other users, the collection will also be deleted from view in their accounts. If you delete a collection that has been shared with you, you will only delete it from your own account.


How do I find the exact image, vector or video that I need?

  • Search in English on colourbox.com
  • Search in Danish on colourbox.dk
  • Search in German on www.colourbox.de
  • Use multiple words (“and” is automatically placed between words, so the results that are returned contain all of the words in your search)
  • Usage of punctuation is not needed
  • Usage of special Danish and German characters is allowed
  • Usage of other special characters will not help search results (e.g. write Gdansk instead of Gdánsk)
  • Limit results by placing “-” before the word you do not want returned (i.e. “flowers -rose” will return all results with “flowers” but not “rose” in their keywords).

Our search engine does stemming. This means a search for “running” will include “run” in the results.

You can also use our Advanced Search option, where you can delineate the results by format (horizontal or vertical), resolution (minimum A4 at 300 dpi or minimum A3 at 300 dpi), newest uploads, stock or editorial, or by adult content.

What if I don’t know exactly what I’m searching for?

We have auto-complete of your search terms that can help you find the exact word you’d like to search for. Another option is to click on Browse to see our images and illustrations organized into Categories, with everything from art to zucchinis.

I can’t find a certain image anymore. What happened to it?

It has been removed by the supplier. Unfortunately, we cannot retrieve the image after this has happened. If you already downloaded and used the image, that is OK. You do not have to revoke your material.

How can I avoid seeing explicit adult content in my search results?

We have an Adult Filter that you can enable or disable either in your Account Tools, or after clicking on the “Advanced” search option. If the Adult Filter is enabled, search results containing keywords that match our filter will not be shown.

Can I request a personalized search?

Yes. Please contact our sales department at +45 7020 3315 or email our International Sales Manger at anders@colourbox.com to learn more.

How do I search for videos only?

In the Search Box, enter what you are looking for. On the results page, you will be able to click on the Images tab to see only image results; the Vector tab to see only illustration results or the Video tab to see only video results.

How do I search for Editorial material?

In the Search Box, enter what you are looking for. On the results page, you will be able to click on the Editorial tab to show the Editorial-only results.

I am a Super User and would like to enable the Adult Filter for everyone on my account. How do I do this?

Click on Settings in your account and and select “On” for Adult Filter. Now the Adult Filter is enabled for everyone on your account.

I really like the style of a particular image. How can I find more material from that supplier?

On the image preview page, click on “More from this supplier” to view all of that supplier’s materials. If the supplier has filled out a public profile, the profile name will be underneath the image on the image preview page. Click on the name and you will be able to follow and learn more about a supplier that you like. You can see the suppliers that you follow under My favorite suppliers on your front page.

Downloading files

When do I get my image, vector or video?

Your file is available for download immediately after the payment has gone through. You can also download it later by logging in to your account and clicking on My downloads. Your image, vector or video file will not be sent to your email account.

How do I download images, vectors and videos?

If you have an active subscription plan or one or more single downloads available on your account, you can download images, vectors and videos in three ways:
  • On the search results page
  • On the preview page
  • From a collection if the image, vector or video is saved there

I need to re-download a file. How do I do this?

At Colourbox, you can re-download a file anytime, either in a new resolution or in the same resolution, for free!

If you have purchased some files, you have 2 options:
1. Via Lightbox
– Log in to Colourbox and click on “Lightbox”
– Find the Lightbox containing your desired download
– Click on the thumbnail of the file you would like to re-download
– From the Preview page, choose the desired resolution and download

2. Via “My downloads”:
– Log in to Colourbox
– Click on “My downloads” under your name in the top right corner
– Click on “Total downloads”
– Click on the thumbnail of the file you would like to re-download
– From the Preview page, choose the desired resolution and download

If you are a Super User on your account:
– Log in to Colourbox
– Click on “My downloads” under your name in the top right corner
– Click on “Total downloads”
– Click on the thumbnail of the file you would like to re-download
– From the Preview page, choose the desired resolution and download

If you are not a Super User:
– If possible, find the Media ID number in the filename of the already-downloaded file
– After logging in, search for the Media ID
– From the Preview page, choose the desired resolution and download

If you do not have the Media ID, contact your Super User, who can find your downloads by clicking on “My downloads” after logging in.

I just downloaded my purchases, but cannot find my downloads. Where did they go?

It depends on the type of browser that your computer uses, and if you have changed the default location for downloads in your browser’s Preferences.

If you have not changed your browser’s Preferences and use Firefox, we encourage you to check your Desktop. If you use Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer, check your computer's Downloads folder. Alternatively, you could search your computer for a file name containing “Colourbox”.

If you still cannot find your downloads, you can always download them again for free. Be sure to first check your browser’s Preferences to learn where it will save your files.

Will the Colourbox watermark still be on my downloaded images?

No. The watermark disappears after you download the images, vectors or videos.

Will the “Sample text/Your text” still be on my vector after download?

Yes. The “Sample text/Your text” remains on the vector after download. See here how to remove it.

If another user on our account downloads an image I’ve already downloaded, will it be deducted from the account again?

No. It will only count as a download the first time the file is downloaded.

What is the Project Tool?

To help you keep track of what images you use with particular projects, your company’s Super User can enable Project Control in Account Settings. The next time you download a material, you will be able to give it a Reference and Comment. The Super User can also choose if and when to receive an email with information about these downloads.

Users and Accounts

How do I add a new user?

If you are a Super User you can add as many users as you like. When you are logged in, just click on Manage users on your front page and then “Add new user”. When you’ve entered the person’s name and email address and clicked “Add new user”, the new user will receive an email containing their username and password.

I want to add a new user, but the username already exists in the system. What should I do?

If the user was on your account but was deleted, go to Manage users, check "Deleted" and search by the user's name. Here you will be able to reactivate that user by clicking on "Reactivate". The user will receive an email containing their username and password. If the user is registered with a different company, you will be given the option to invite the user to join your account.

How do I reactivate a deleted user?

If you are a Super User, log in to your account and click on Manage users. Select “All” or “Deleted” at the top, search for the user’s name and then click on “Reactivate”. The user will receive an email with login details.

How many users can be on my account?

The creator of your account is able to create as many user accounts for colleagues as is needed, all for FREE.

My company has a Colourbox account. How do I get added to this account?

You have two options:
1) You can ask your company’s account Super User to add you.
2) You can request access on your company request access page. The link will be available internally in your organization.

My company has an account and I am a registered user, so why do I still have to pay for downloads?

Check that you have logged in to your account. Your name should be in the top right corner. If it isn’t, you need to log in.

If your name is there and you still have to pay for downloads, please contact your one of company’s Super Users. In “Manage users” they can add you as a new user and invite you to be transferred to the company’s account.

How do I change the email address that I’m registered with?

To change the email address you’re registered with, please send an email with the old and new email addresses to info@colourbox.com, and then we’ll change it for you.

One of the users on my account changed her email address. How do I update her account?

It is not possible for a Super User to edit a user’s email address. Please email info@colourbox.com with the user’s old and new email addresses and we will update it for you.

Can a user be logged in to two computers at the same time with the same login info?

Due to shared login detection in our system, you can only be logged in to one computer at a time. When you return to the first computer, you will have to log in again.

Can we share a username and password?

No, that is against our Terms of Use. Each user needs a personal login.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, please send an email to info@colourbox.com with your Colourbox account email address. If you are the only Super User on your company’s account, please give another user Super User status before you contact us.

Technical Questions

I cannot log in. What should I do?

- Click Log In
- Click on the “Forgot your password?” link
- Insert your email address and click Submit.
- Click on the link in your email to reset your password.

If you are still having problems logging in, please contact the Super User of your account. In case you do not know who your Super User is, please send an email to info@colourbox.com with a description of the problem, so we can help solve the issue.

What is the list of supported browsers?

  • Google Chrome 12+
  • Mozilla Firefox 3+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 5+
For uploading in your Supplier account, we recommend using Chrome 12+, Firefox 4+, and Safari 5+.

Which file formats are available?

You can download photographs/images as hi-res JPG files and low-res JPG files.
You can download vectors as EPS files and as hi-res JPG files and low-res JPG files.
You can download videos as MOV files.

I cannot open a vector file.

All of our vector files are editable EPS files, which can be opened in Adobe Illustrator. If you do not have Adobe Illustrator, you may wish to download the JPG version of the vector file. Just go to “My downloads” and choose “Hi-res JPG to disk” for the JPG version. This is free and will not count as an additional download.

How do I edit the "Sample Text" in my Vector?

To remove the "Sample text" in a vector, open the EPS file in Adobe Illustrator. If the text is outlined (if you click on the text, there are points that make up the characters), you can delete the sample, choose "Type tool" and type in your new text.

If you do not have Adobe Illustrator, download a JPG version of the vector and open the file in Adobe Photoshop or another type of image-editing software. Use the clone stamp or a similar tool to delete the "Sample text".

In both programs, you can also place a shape on top of the text, fill it with the background color and add your own text layer on top.

What size are the images and videos?

All of our stock images have a minimum resolution of 2500x1000 pixels. All of our videos are HD 1080p. You can see the exact file size on the image preview page.

Contact Us

How do I get in touch with someone at Colourbox?

You can contact us by email or call us at our international number, +45 7020 3315, which we answer 24 hours a day. Our US toll-free number is 1.800.253.2305. If you’d rather talk to someone at a local office, you’ll find it here. Our email is info@colourbox.com.

Stock File Requirements

Royalty-Free Photography Wiki

This Royalty-Free Photography Wiki is created to help Colourbox Suppliers gain knowledge about trademarks, copyrights & privacy - so-called Intellectual Property.
View Wiki

What are the Stock image requirements?

All images must:
  • be from only a professional or semi-professional camera
  • have a clear focal point
  • have good lighting
  • not have too much noise
  • not be over- or underexposed
  • have a minimum 1000 pixels on shorter side
  • have a minimum 2500 pixels on longer side
  • be 24-bit JPEG (8 bits per channel)
  • have lowest compression
  • have a minimum of 4 keywords
Note: The Supplier has to be able to forward Model Releases and Property Releases to Colourbox by request at any given time.

What are the Stock vector requirements?

  • be EPS
  • be editable
  • have a minimum of 4 keywords

What are the Stock video requirements?

  • have good lighting
  • not have too much noise
  • not be over- or underexposed
  • have a minimum 1920x1080 pixels (1080p full HD)
  • be Quicktime MOV
  • have a minimum of 4 keywords

Into what folders do I put Stock material on FTP?

If you use FTP to upload, Stock material must be added to the Stock folders.

Editorial Material

What is Editorial material?

The technical aspect of editorial file requirements are not as stringent as those for stock files; however, your editorial file materials must be able to be used in the press. Editorial images, vector and video must only be used in an “editorial” manner, meaning that the use must relate to events that have novelty or are of public interest, i.e. in newspaper or magazine articles. At the moment, only clients in Denmark, Sweden and Norway have the ability to purchase Editorial material. Even though you may not live in these countries, you can still earn money from your Editorial uploads.

Other types of images must be marked as Editorial. These are images that contain:
  • logos
  • products of well-known brands
  • people who are not models, i.e. a street shot that contains ordinary people on the sidewalk

All Editorial must be labeled as such. This is done by either uploading into the Editorial folders on FTP or by selecting the material and clicking the "Editorial" button in the Keyword Tool.

What are the Editorial image requirements?

  • Minimum 2 megapixel camera resolution

What are the Editorial vector requirements?

  • EPS files must be editable

What are the Editorial video requirements?

  • The video must be usable

Into what folders do I put Editorial material on FTP?

If you use FTP to upload, Editorial material must be added to the Editorial folders.

Keywords & Labeling Material

Why do I need to keyword my material?

Simply put, good keywords mean increased revenue. You might upload some great material, but our users won't be able to find it if it was not properly keyworded. In other words, your potential earnings with Colourbox are directly related to the quality of your images' keywords.

Relevant, specific keywords that describe exactly what is happening in the image – nothing more and nothing less – will have a direct impact on the chances that your materials are downloaded. Our clients are busy and want to find what they need, fast, and material that is keyworded well will have higher chances of being downloaded.

In what languages can I keyword?

We have three languages on our site: Danish, English and German. You may use any of these three languages to keyword. Your keywords are automatically translated into the other two languages, so no matter what language a client searches in, the results are all the same. If you would like to keyword in more than one of our three languages, you may do so, but only by keywording in one language at a time. You must first choose one language in the Keyword Tool before adding that language’s keywords. And then you must switch to another language in the Keyword Tool to add keywords in the other language.

What are the keyword guidelines?

  • Use single words and comma separation.
  • Each image must contain at least 4 keywords and no more than 50. We recommend aiming for at least 12-15 relevant keywords.

Do I need to keyword before uploading?

No. You can keyword after uploading, as well as add image titles and mark materials as being Editorial or having Adult content, in your Keyword Tool.

What are the labeling material guidelines?

  • Any material containing Editorial content must be labeled as such.
  • You can give your material titles, which will increase the chance your material is found through, for example, Google. An image containing a flower could have a title like 'White tulip in a grassy field'.
  • Mark material that has adult content (i.e. full nudity) as Adult Content.
  • See the Keywording Tutorial here.

Uploading & Releasing Material

How do I upload my JPG & EPS files?

You can upload on our site (Supplier > My Images > Upload), but we recommend using FTP to upload all of your files.

How do I upload MOV files?

We recommend using a FTP-program to upload your video material.

What is the FTP info?

Host name: ftp.skyfish.com
Username: your email
Password: the one you received when you created your Colourbox account. (Note: if you have changed your password since then, use your new password for FTP.)

I keyworded my EPS files before uploading. Where do I upload the EPS and associated JPG keyword files?

Use FTP. Upload EPS+JPG with the same file name (e.g., flower.eps and flower.jpg) to the Vector folder. The keywords from the JPEG will be imported, but the .JPG file itself will be discarded after the import is complete.

I keyworded my MOV files before uploading. Where do I upload the MOV and associated JPG keyword files?

Use FTP. Name both the .JPG and .MOV files the same except for the file extension (e.g., mymovie.jpg and mymovie.mov), and upload both files to the Video folder. The keywords from the JPEG will be imported, but the .JPG file itself will be discarded after the import is complete.

How does the system handle JPG files that are missing their corresponding EPS or MOV files?

When a JPG file is uploaded into a Vector or Video folder, but the corresponding EPS or MOV file is not immediately found, the database will search your files uploaded within the last 6 weeks for the corresponding file. If found, the JPG’s metadata will be extracted and placed into the corresponding file. If there was any metadata in that file, it will be replaced with the JPG’s metadata.

If, for some reason, several files with the same original file name are found, the one uploaded most recently is chosen.
If no match is found for the JPG file, the system waits 7 days before deleting it.

Where do I release my material to the Colourbox database?

As soon as you upload material, it is released automatically to the Colourbox database. There is a delay of up to 12 hours before your new material is searchable on the site. But after uploading, your new material is visible in your Keyword Tool, where you can modify Keywords and Titles and add Editorial and Adult labels.

Age Requirement, Payment & Earnings

What is the age requirement for a supplier?

Colourbox suppliers must be over the age of 18.

What email should I register with?

A supplier must sign up with a valid email when registering as a Colourbox supplier. The email should be fully functioning and able to receive incoming emails, for security reasons.

What will I earn?

Your earnings depend on the number of times your material is downloaded. The payment for all image, vector and video downloads is 20% of the sales price. For example, from a single download sale of €9.50, you receive €1.90. Different subscription plans and campaigns may result in different sales prices, but you are always guaranteed a minimum payment of €0.20 per download. Sales prices are subject to the exchange rates obtained daily from Denmark's National Bank. You will be paid each time your accumulated earnings reach €100.

When will I be paid?

Payment is made no later than the week after your earnings reach €100.

What payment options do I have?

We offer three different payment methods: Skrill/Moneybookers, PayPal or bank transfer.
For Skrill/Moneybookers and PayPal, you can choose if you want to be paid in Euros, US Dollars or Danish Kroner. For bank transfers, you can choose between Euros and Danish Kroner. Please note that your earnings are always shown in Euros in your supplier account and only the payout can be made in a different currency. The exchange rate is obtained daily from Danmarks Nationalbank.

If you select payment by bank transfer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you can receive foreign payments in your account. If the payment is returned to us with a bank fee, the fee will be deducted from your next payment.

Do I need to pay taxes as a supplier?

We do not withhold taxes. It is up to the individual supplier to pay the necessary local taxes required by law. However, we are obligated by law to report our payments to Danish suppliers to SKAT. Danish citizens therefore have to provide us with a CPR or CVR number.

Technical & General Support

What is the list of supported browsers?_supplier_faq

  • Google Chrome 21+
  • Mozilla Firefox 20+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 5+

For uploading in your Supplier account, we recommend using Chrome 21+, Firefox 20+, and Safari 5+.


Can I upload my material to other sites?

Yes. Colourbox suppliers are not bound by any exclusivity agreement and are free to use their material as they wish, even if it’s already online at Colourbox.

Can clients search for a supplier by name?

Currently this is not possible, but from the Preview page under the Image/Vector/Video tab, they can click on “More media from this Supplier” to see all of that Supplier’s materials.

Can I see which clients bought my material?

No, this is not possible.

Why are there watermarks on the preview photos?

In order to ensure that suppliers are reimbursed for use of their work, watermarks have been added to all of our thumbnails. This ensures that clients cannot use thumbnails, but must instead download the images they need, which also ensures that suppliers receive their due royalties. Downloaded material does not contain watermarks.

What are the most common reasons for material being rejected?

Material may be rejected for a number of reasons, including
  • poor lighting
  • over- or underexposure
  • too much noise
  • lack of a clear focal point
  • pornography
  • does not have the minimum number of keywords
  • incorrect keywording (keywords are not reflected in the image)
  • editorial material is tagged as stock material, or vice versa
  • material has already been uploaded
  • less than the minimum required size of 1000 pixels on shorter side and 2500 pixels on longer side
  • technical problems in the file
  • lack of commercial value for our customers

Education License

What is an Educational License?

An Educational License can be set up by an educational institution which has a commercial 50+ Plan (or any other larger plan) at the same time. It allows students and faculty members 30 downloads per month which they can use purely for educational, non-commercial purposes.

Who can get an Educational License?

All educational institutions can get an Educational License if they have a commercial 50+ Plan (or any other larger plan) at the same time.

How much does an Educational License cost?

An Educational License is free when you have a commercial 50+ Plan (or any other larger plan) at the same time.

How does the Educational License work?

Each academic year the school receives a unique Educational Key, which must be distributed to the relevant students and faculty members. The Key automatically expires on 1 September, and the new one is automatically sent to the commercial account’s Super Users a few weeks before. The Super Users are responsible for informing the students and faculty members about the new Key. Students and faculty members can sign up and renew their access with the Key, or a Super User can do it for them.

Does it involve a lot of administrative work for the institution?

No. The students/staff can sign up on their own on our website as long as they have valid key for that academic year. The key is available to the commercial account’s super users whose only responsibility is to inform the students/staff of the correct key. Keys are valid for 12 months and expire on 1 September

How can students and faculty members renew their access?

Students/faculty will be informed when the key is about to expire. When they have entered the new key, they will get 30 downloads per month again.

How many users can sign up?

There is no limit to the number of users on an Education License, just as there no limit to the number of users on our commercial accounts.

Which email address should the students/faculty members use?

Students and faculty members can sign up with any email address.

Is the institution responsible for the students’ and faculty members’ correct use of the Educational License?

When students and faculty members sign up, they have to accept Colourbox’s Licensing Conditions and they agree to only use the images, vectors and videos for non-commercial purposes. If they breach this agreement, it is their own responsibility, not that of the institution.

What is “educational use”?

Educational use is when students use images, vectors or videos in their coursework and assignments, or when a faculty member uses images, vectors or videos for lectures, presentations, course material etc. When a project, paper, presentation is made public, is sold or is distributed to an audience outside of the school, it is no longer educational use and a regular, commercial license must be acquired.

Can a student use the images, vectors or videos commercially if they make a project that turns into a commercial job?

Yes. A student can do this if s/he buys the rights to use the images, vectors or videos commercially from a separate account like any other commercial customer.

Can faculty members use the images, vectors or videos commercially?

Yes. Faculty members can use the images, vectors or videos for marketing purposes for the school if they are a regular user on the account. They can also use images, vectors or videos commercially for their own projects if they buy the rights to use the material commercially from a separate account, like any other commercial customer.

As an Administrator/Super User, where do I find the list of Educational License users?

You can access all this information from your personal account frontpage. Click on the menu link “Education license” to find your current Educational Key, a searchable list of users and their number of downloads.

Can administrators/Super Users renew the students’ access to the Education License?

Yes. Under “Education license” a Super User can select the user(s) they would like to renew.

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