Not Allowed on Colourbox

Some images are not allowed on Colourbox – neither royalty-free and editorial use is acceptable.

Certain Flags

Most images/footage of flags can be sold as royalty-free content, some only as editorial content. However, certain flags are not allowed on Colourbox as neither royalty-free nor editorial content. Not allowed on Colourbox: The National Flag of Panama The national flag of Panama cannot be used as neither commercial nor editorial material. The symbols of […]

Miscellaneous / Other

Works of Art Please note that some art is illegal to shoot, e.g. the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, and as such is not allowed on Colourbox. You should always do your research beforehand to ensure you are adhering to the differing policies. Most images/footage of art can be used as editorial content however. Music […]

Certain Buildings

Some images/footage of buildings are not allowed due to the individual copyrights. Images and footage of the following are not allowed on Colourbox, unless otherwise stated: Anton Gaudi Architecture (in Barcelona, Spain), e.g.: Casa Batlló The Atomium Blenheim Palace Burj Khalifa (if not the primary focus in cityscape material, it may be used as editorial content) Castel […]

Most National Parks

For most national parks you need permission to sell your content shot in or out of the parks, e.g. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (including Ayer’s Rock) And content which has been shot in Brazil’s National Parks is unacceptable for editorial and commercial use without permission from IBAMA. Some of these parks include: Brasilia National Park Iguacu National […]

Some Semi-nude/Nude Images

Images/footage of semi-naked or fully naked children are NOT allowed on Colourbox. Babies under the age of 1 can have their top half unclothed, however, images/footage of children between the ages 1-18 must always be fully clothed. Images/footage of children in bathing suits are acceptable. Material of naked people over the age of 18 have different stipulations: Nude […]

Certain Brands

Some brands have their own policies when it comes to images of their products. The following list contains brands which are not allowed on Colourbox, royalty-free nor editorial: Burberry Kikkoman

Certain Museums

Interior and exterior images/footage of the following museums and their art are unacceptable for sale on Colourbox, both commercial and editorial: City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad De Las Artes Y Las Ciencias) Condes Castro Guimarães Museum Guggenheim Museums Museum De Heksenwaag Sovereign Hill, Australia Monticello Estate in Virginia


Images and footage shot inside and outside of zoos must only be used as editorial content and tagged as such. The following zoos and animal parks are unacceptable on Colourbox, royalty-free and editorial use included: Givskud Zoo – Løveparken Givskud Zoo & Løveparken is situated in Jylland near the city of Givskud and is a […]

Certain Statues & Sculptures

Many statues are famous landmarks and therefore under copyright protection. Some are even illegal to take photos of or film. You should always do your research. The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the country’s most well-known landmarks. Despite this, images taken with her being the main focus of the image […]


Some bottle designs are copyrighted, which means they must be tagged as “editorial” on Colourbox. You should always do your research before uploading. Some bottles are not allowed on Colourbox though, such as: Kikkoman products. They cannot be used as stock material – in any way. Kikkoman has registered trade and design marks on their […]