What Makes a Good Vector

A Good Vector Should: Have a clear motive / story /message Not be messy or pixelated Be of commercial value – useful Have editable text ideally consist of a set of different elements. Customers find this preferable to a vector with just one element on its own You can see our most popular vectors here.

Transparent Backgrounds / EPS files

Transparent Backgrounds: Files of this sort need to be uploaded as EPS files in order to retain their transparent backgrounds – images with transparent backgrounds must never be uploaded as JPGs. Image descriptions should also explain that the image is only transparent as a vector file, as customers still have the option to download the file […]

Yes & Nos

Vector Files Should: Always be uploaded as EPS files – not JPGs. When uploading an EPS file our system will also create a JPG file and the customer is then able to download whichever they prefer – EPS and/or JPG Not be uploaded as PNG files. Our system does not support PNG files Never be pixelated […]