Whenever you upload an image or footage of people, certain stipulations and terms come into play.

Material Featuring Models:
By “model” we mean: people who have agreed to model and pose for your stock material AND have signed a model release. This kind of material is usually royalty-free on Colourbox, unless more people are recognisable in the image/footage – in which case the material can then only be used as editorial content.

Images of People Who Have Not Signed a Model Release
By this we mean images of anyone who has not given their accept or signed a model release. These are never allowed on Colourbox. However, images taken from afar of crowds of people / people on the street / people passing by etc, which do not clearly show the likeness of anyone, might be acceptable as royalty-free content. However, if a person’s likeness is visible (clear facial features e.g.) the material would then only be acceptable as editorial.