Works of Art
Please note that some art is illegal to shoot, e.g. the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, and as such is not allowed on Colourbox. You should always do your research beforehand to ensure you are adhering to the differing policies. Most images/footage of art can be used as editorial content however.

Music sheets
Images/footage of music sheets are never allowed on Colourbox – unless the notes and writing on the sheets cannot be seen.

Images/footage of original maps/globes are not allowed on Colourbox, unless created by the supplier himself/herself, in which case the material is allowed on Colourbox and can be used as royalty-free content.

Diamond Jubilee Emblem in UK
No images/footage allowed on Colourbox – for neither commercial nor editorial use

Little League
The term “Little League,” “Little Leaguer,” and “Little League Baseball” are registered trademarks. Images containing those terms as keywords or in the title/description are unacceptable for commercial and editorial use.

Danish Student Caps – the “Studenterhue”
Not allowed on Colourbox.