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Great students do great work. But even the best projects can fall short, if the students do not have access to the right tools. Let your students take their projects to another level with unrestricted access to millions of professional images.Give each of your students 30 downloads a month for their academic papers, projects and presentations. Additionally, your school gets 50 or 150 downloads a month for marketing and promotional purposes.


Perfect for students with high demands for their creative projects.


High resolution images of iconic landmarks and detailed illustrations right at your students' fingertips.


No heavy administration workload. Manage all your students with a few clicks.

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  • Register an unlimited amount of students and staff members to your account for free
  • Students set up their own accounts and individually accept our Terms & Conditions
  • Get unrestricted access to all images, illustrations and videos in our image bank
  • Prepare your students for the real world by giving them a tool which is used daily in the real world!

What our customers are saying

“We were specifically looking for a download offer for students and came across the Colourbox educational licence. Both our students, professors and employees are using their 30 free downloads per month to a large extent and they download a lot of images for their projects and lectures. We got a lot of positive feedback regarding the usability of the website and the hit ratio when searching for images. Therefore we can definitely recommend the Colourbox educational licence to any university.”

Irene Brunner, ZHAW School of Engineering, Winterthur, Switzerland

“The Colourbox educational licence gives professors and students legal access to professional pictorial material, which has become more and more important as the university communication is more visual nowadays. At the same time the sensibility for image copyrights and related issues are more present. Colourbox’s offer seems to close a gap, especially our colleagues of the program management are very happy about this.”

Andreas Archut, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany

“Colourbox fills a definite need for our design and advertising students, who often need high quality stock images for their projects.”

Amos Turner, Head of Reference Services, Visual Arts Library, School of Visual Arts

“The University of Copenhagen has thousands of students and staff who need great images for their projects and presentations. Colourbox gives us a wealth of professional images and is easy to use. And because the students manage their own accounts, there is very little work involved for the administrator.”

Jens Fink-Jensen, Kommunikationsmedarbejder, University of Copenhagen

“With 8,000 employees and 45,000 students, Aarhus University has an enormous need for images for websites, lectures, brochures, and presentations. Colourbox is a great product for us because it is so user-friendly. In particular, the search functionality and account administration are easy to use.”

Lars Kruse, Photographer AU Communication Aarhus University


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We receive a steady stream of editorial content! Regardless if your students need pictures of the latest NATO-meeting or are looking for just the right photo of Obama, our large database of editorial content will make your students' projects more relevant than ever.

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